Monday, July 18, 2011

"You have to have some get up and go about ya!"

My Grandma would make the best sweet potatoe pie, with the flakiest buttery crust. When I see sweet potatoes I think of her pie and her wisdom. "Have some get up and go about ya." This is a snippet from my past, my Grandma Callie would say this to me when I would sit back and feel sorry for myself. Why me, what about me, I can laugh about it now but this was the way I thought, always being the victim. You may know a person like that. This sort of person does not want to take responsibility for their life and wants to hold other people responsible for their mistakes. I did not come from the best home but it was not all bad. One thing I learned was perserverance and to take moments to get away to think. I would runaway to my Grandma's house and stay with her for a few days. I find that a lot of times when you are pressed for time that is when you make bad decisions. People who appear strong, self reliant are the usually people we all go to when we have problems. I appear to be one of those people but I did not get that way overnight. These people are the caregivers in society and this is a form of charity. Now I am at a point in my life where I am a social worker. Why did I not go to school and pursue a degree in this field because I am great at it. I find myself calling for people being their advocate, making complaints and giving support. This is something I love and I believe I am good at it because I want good for people like I want for myself. How many people can honestly say this when we live in a society where there is a such a rat race to be successful in your life and step on someone to get where you want to go. If you have a problem why not write it down and think first, think second and then think again before you go out and do something foolish. When I was a teenager all the way into my early twenties I would ask a certain person in my life how to go about things and they were just as clueless as I was. In retrospect I have found that you have to look intently at who this person is that you are asking for advice. For example would you ask your friend who has not been able to sustain any relationship with a man for any substantial amount of time, how to deal with your husband? Many people would say no but in reality you see this all the time. After getting loads of bad advice I started to read books like "The Art of War, I also took a class on Ethics in college, a class in Psychology and abnormal psychology as well as World Religion. You see I had one person who believed in my abilities, my Grandma Callie and I had a brain that I chose to enlighten. My goal in sharing this is not to get anyone to do as I have done but rather to prompt you to start your brain in motion to make neccessary changes in your life before it is too late. So as my Grandma once said " Have some get up and go about ya."

Friday, July 15, 2011

How can I Help You!!!!!???????

I have made a commitment to try and blog regularly and stop spending much of my free time on Facebook playing Cafe World, Cafe Life, Baking Life and lets not forget Cupcake Corner. What can I say I love to play those social games. However this post is not about my addiction to those games. I have a question to ask " Have you ever been given very stringent requirements of how you can help someone. I feel this is very disturbing because I can see areas that my assistance is needed but I am unable to help because of the person I am trying to help has a particular person who is blocking my attempts to help them. My stance has been to just back off because I do not want to cause any stress on the person I wanted to help. This person is very close to me I have known them all my life and this is a very difficult time in their life. I just want to know how can I help you when I am not able to?