Friday, July 15, 2011

How can I Help You!!!!!???????

I have made a commitment to try and blog regularly and stop spending much of my free time on Facebook playing Cafe World, Cafe Life, Baking Life and lets not forget Cupcake Corner. What can I say I love to play those social games. However this post is not about my addiction to those games. I have a question to ask " Have you ever been given very stringent requirements of how you can help someone. I feel this is very disturbing because I can see areas that my assistance is needed but I am unable to help because of the person I am trying to help has a particular person who is blocking my attempts to help them. My stance has been to just back off because I do not want to cause any stress on the person I wanted to help. This person is very close to me I have known them all my life and this is a very difficult time in their life. I just want to know how can I help you when I am not able to?

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