Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jewish editor was fired because of this

Quest for Justice by Judith Stone

I am a Jew. I was a participant in the Rally for the Right of Return 
to Palestine. It was the right thing to do. I've heard about the European holocaust against the Jews since I was a small child. I've visited the memorials in Washington, DC and Jerusalem dedicated to Jewish lives lost and I've cried at the recognition to what level of atrocity mankind is capable of sinking.

Where are the Jews of conscience? No righteous malice can be held against the survivors of Hitler's holocaust. These fragments of
 humanity were in no position to make choices beyond that of personal survival. We must not forget that being a survivor or a co-religionist of the victims of the European Holocaust does not grant dispensation from abiding by the rules of humanity. "Never again" as a motto, rings hollow when it means "never again to
us alone."

Complete article is found here.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's Inauguration Day Experience

Why are people like this

Racism In My Back Yard On Obama's Inauguration Day

On Inauguration Day at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Glen Ellyn Mrs Harte-Naus told her class to stand up and clap for their new Black President, Mrs. Harte-Naus further elated that you should be very happy that you have a black President. I wonder if teachers all over the United States and its Territories rallied their class to Cheer for their Black President.

You may find that this is an innocent request. However add the fact that this was told to only the three black students and that they were the only ones told to stand up and clap while the other students were not instructed to stand or clap and they just stared at the one student who actually did stand up. I find the behavior of this teacher to be unprofessional as well as inappropriate. Also before I decided to share this event I thought about it very carefully. I am a reasonable person and pondered over whether or not she planned to ask only the 3 black students to stand up before her class. Or was this a spur of the moment idea? It was my conclusion that it really did not matter at all it was distasteful and it caused me to wonder if she lived in a bubble where this sort of thing was a good idea. It saddens me that this is an event that happened around our children who are African American, Caucasian, Asian, Native American, Asian, etc. I sent an email to the principal of this Mrs. Cross and I was told that the Teacher was not in school the following day. Personally it is important to me that our President be someone who is about change for the good of everyone and it never mattered to me what the color of his skin is. We need to move away from what we see on the outside and look at a persons qualifications and experience.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ride on the Whistle Stop Train Tour

Barack means..............

Did you know that Barack means blessings in the Arabic language? Well it does and I just wanted to share my favorite photos from all of the inaugural hoopla today.

Barack Obama's daughters, Malia, 10 and Sasha, 7,who arrived at the swearing in ceremony wearing these beautiful bright and colorful coats that are tied with silk ribbons from J.Crew's children's line Crewcuts.

Sasha's coat is in a pretty peachlike pink color finished off with orange accessories. Malia's has on a bright cobalt blue with a black scarf.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rose-leopard beads

Rose-leopard beads, originally uploaded by Ronit golan.

While searching the internet for leopard print beads I came across this photo from a Flickr member Ronit golan! They are so pretty and different, if anyone knows where they can be purchased let me know. I would love to make a few bracelet and earrings using these beautiful beads.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cool Material

I love finding new products online and sharing them with the readers of this blog, but there is a website called Cool Material that does just that. It showcase new products and you can signup to have daily emails filled with new items that are on the market. The picture above is the Ecsotype Presse Utility Bag I think it is just wonderful and I can see myself carrying my laptop in that bag. It look sleek and durable.

FYI: The title of the site is Cool Material - What men Really Want; I just noticed that today. I guess my taste might be somewhat masculine and edgy or not because I consider myself very feminine and girly.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who loves thrift store shopping?

I do! And I must say you can do it online. I know you may say it is more fun to do it in person but think about it thrift store shopping online can be fun. Today i want to share my most favorite place to do a little online shopping which is Goodwill has always been my most favorite place to shop here in Chicago next to Unique thrift store anyway to be honest. At their website you are able to browse thru over twenty categories such as antiques, collectibles, art, home decor, etc, etc to name just a few. I have bought china, cake plates, huge mirrors, an original Robert Cox painting and a box load of Duplo legos. They package their items for shipment very well and I have only had one teacup arrive broken out of all the items I have purchased. I believe they are the best when it comes to online thrift store shopping.

My second place to shop online is I really love shopping at this site because it raises money for the homeless people of New York. So when you buy that little trinket you feel a lot less bad because at least your purchase is going to benefit someone who really needs a roof over their head. This organization has raised over 2 millions dollars. I have not purchased anything on this site in a while but I did see a cute Orla Kiely top which you can buy it now for 30 dollars. offers buy it now too I just wish that they had a category to click on so that I can look at all the buy it now items that they are offering.

What are your favorite stores to do a little thrift store shopping? Please share with me your favorites. I promise to share future hidden gems online because this is just a couple of my fave places to thrift shop online.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

When I saw these shoes I was like wow! I remember seeing some boots on another bloggers website and she was dying to get a pair of these. I believe it was the MadeByGirl blog. I must admit that these are a bit more decorative and it was actually a boot and not a shoe but I just had to share this fabulous find. This particular shoe is called the Cutout Pump and it is on the Ashro website.I do not wear heels anymore but if I did I would go up one whole size. For those of you who wear heels it is a good idea to go up a size when you purchase high heels because your feet will thank you for it. I would always buy these little cushioned instep inserts to cushion my feet. One day I wore 3 inch heel and my feet did not hurt all day. Ohh how I loved wearing high heels. I just might start wearing heels in the house because I love this shoe. There is limited availability so hurry.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I want this ring

I just love this ring. I have a thing for pearls I love them and I am longing to treat myself to a small bauble. This is a cultured mabe pearl with small blue topaz embedded around the bezel. It can be found here and it is under 200 dollars which I think is a great price. What do you think?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Doughnuts Anyone?

Want a scrumptious recipe for donuts? Well look no further than she has an awesome recipe for raised donuts. I made it and all I can say is yum, yum, yum. Here is the link to that lovely recipe.

Monday, January 5, 2009

So you want to recover your couch

I have thought of recovering my couch. I do not mean hiring someone else to do it but doing it myself. I know it seems like a daunting task but I finally found someone who did it! Her name is Vyra and she has a sick looking couch that is the daintiest thing I have see in a while. She looks very young in the photo on her website but I believe she said she was 29 years old. Take a look at the finished result as well as her layout and directions on her website here.

And the couch in the picture is from

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Flower Maker

You can make your own flowers right here.

I just made one called the Scattering Mona. Take a look at the community garden. If you love flowers this is the site to have fun creating some new ones. And you can also create gardens from flowers that other users have created. This is such an awesome design tool.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2 Trillion Ways

Did you know that there are over 2 trillion ways to string your shoes laces? Well I stumbled upon this site and I had to share this tidbit of information. The site can be found here.

However this site shows us 36 ways to do it!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Built camera cases

I found a new blog called and she feature this wonderful case you can find it here, I think it is wonderful and it is from NYC!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What to do first when preparing to move!?!???

What do you do first when you are preparing to move? I am no expert but I wwould say that you definitely need to purge. When I say purge I mean go through your belongings and have 3 piles which are throw away, keep, sale or give away. Sale and giveaway is one pile because if you are not able to sell it you give it away. Once you have gone through all your belongings I would say the next step is to pack away things that you dont have use for on a daily basis such as your books, decor and toys if you have kids. Personally I have to have some of my books out so I would leave out a box of books and a box of toys. My next step is to repair any damages that have been made to the apartment such as screens that need to be repaired, and I would do a thorough cleaning of the apartment. I would replace mattresses and bedding to be used in the new place as well. It is great to move in a new place with new bedding and a new mattress if your bed has had it. Just imagine the task of moving only to have your bed put up and bed made so that you can get a good night of sleep after your big move. Another thing I like to do is to pack 3 changes of clothes for each family member in garment bags so I wont have to worry about ironing or going through boxes. I also buy at least 2 wardrobe boxes to hold clothing so that I can just take clothes out of the box and put right in the closet. I make a list of cleaning supplies and I put it in a labeled box with my mop heads sponges and rags so that I quickly have a list read for my husband to get the items we need. Moving for me is fun, you are going to a new place and that is exciting. All you have to do is eliminate the stress of moving by planning 2 to 3 months ahead making the needed reservations for trucks, movers, cleaning services and food delivery services so that you wont have to cook on your first day at the new place! Make things easy for yourself!