Thursday, January 22, 2009

Racism In My Back Yard On Obama's Inauguration Day

On Inauguration Day at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Glen Ellyn Mrs Harte-Naus told her class to stand up and clap for their new Black President, Mrs. Harte-Naus further elated that you should be very happy that you have a black President. I wonder if teachers all over the United States and its Territories rallied their class to Cheer for their Black President.

You may find that this is an innocent request. However add the fact that this was told to only the three black students and that they were the only ones told to stand up and clap while the other students were not instructed to stand or clap and they just stared at the one student who actually did stand up. I find the behavior of this teacher to be unprofessional as well as inappropriate. Also before I decided to share this event I thought about it very carefully. I am a reasonable person and pondered over whether or not she planned to ask only the 3 black students to stand up before her class. Or was this a spur of the moment idea? It was my conclusion that it really did not matter at all it was distasteful and it caused me to wonder if she lived in a bubble where this sort of thing was a good idea. It saddens me that this is an event that happened around our children who are African American, Caucasian, Asian, Native American, Asian, etc. I sent an email to the principal of this Mrs. Cross and I was told that the Teacher was not in school the following day. Personally it is important to me that our President be someone who is about change for the good of everyone and it never mattered to me what the color of his skin is. We need to move away from what we see on the outside and look at a persons qualifications and experience.


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