Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who loves thrift store shopping?

I do! And I must say you can do it online. I know you may say it is more fun to do it in person but think about it thrift store shopping online can be fun. Today i want to share my most favorite place to do a little online shopping which is Goodwill has always been my most favorite place to shop here in Chicago next to Unique thrift store anyway to be honest. At their website you are able to browse thru over twenty categories such as antiques, collectibles, art, home decor, etc, etc to name just a few. I have bought china, cake plates, huge mirrors, an original Robert Cox painting and a box load of Duplo legos. They package their items for shipment very well and I have only had one teacup arrive broken out of all the items I have purchased. I believe they are the best when it comes to online thrift store shopping.

My second place to shop online is I really love shopping at this site because it raises money for the homeless people of New York. So when you buy that little trinket you feel a lot less bad because at least your purchase is going to benefit someone who really needs a roof over their head. This organization has raised over 2 millions dollars. I have not purchased anything on this site in a while but I did see a cute Orla Kiely top which you can buy it now for 30 dollars. offers buy it now too I just wish that they had a category to click on so that I can look at all the buy it now items that they are offering.

What are your favorite stores to do a little thrift store shopping? Please share with me your favorites. I promise to share future hidden gems online because this is just a couple of my fave places to thrift shop online.

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lcowan said...

My favorite place to shop online is at They have the latest sales and deals from all of the major retailers. I found a purse that was originally $425 marked down to $60!! I’m totally addicted to this site.