Thursday, January 8, 2009

When I saw these shoes I was like wow! I remember seeing some boots on another bloggers website and she was dying to get a pair of these. I believe it was the MadeByGirl blog. I must admit that these are a bit more decorative and it was actually a boot and not a shoe but I just had to share this fabulous find. This particular shoe is called the Cutout Pump and it is on the Ashro website.I do not wear heels anymore but if I did I would go up one whole size. For those of you who wear heels it is a good idea to go up a size when you purchase high heels because your feet will thank you for it. I would always buy these little cushioned instep inserts to cushion my feet. One day I wore 3 inch heel and my feet did not hurt all day. Ohh how I loved wearing high heels. I just might start wearing heels in the house because I love this shoe. There is limited availability so hurry.

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