Thursday, January 1, 2009

What to do first when preparing to move!?!???

What do you do first when you are preparing to move? I am no expert but I wwould say that you definitely need to purge. When I say purge I mean go through your belongings and have 3 piles which are throw away, keep, sale or give away. Sale and giveaway is one pile because if you are not able to sell it you give it away. Once you have gone through all your belongings I would say the next step is to pack away things that you dont have use for on a daily basis such as your books, decor and toys if you have kids. Personally I have to have some of my books out so I would leave out a box of books and a box of toys. My next step is to repair any damages that have been made to the apartment such as screens that need to be repaired, and I would do a thorough cleaning of the apartment. I would replace mattresses and bedding to be used in the new place as well. It is great to move in a new place with new bedding and a new mattress if your bed has had it. Just imagine the task of moving only to have your bed put up and bed made so that you can get a good night of sleep after your big move. Another thing I like to do is to pack 3 changes of clothes for each family member in garment bags so I wont have to worry about ironing or going through boxes. I also buy at least 2 wardrobe boxes to hold clothing so that I can just take clothes out of the box and put right in the closet. I make a list of cleaning supplies and I put it in a labeled box with my mop heads sponges and rags so that I quickly have a list read for my husband to get the items we need. Moving for me is fun, you are going to a new place and that is exciting. All you have to do is eliminate the stress of moving by planning 2 to 3 months ahead making the needed reservations for trucks, movers, cleaning services and food delivery services so that you wont have to cook on your first day at the new place! Make things easy for yourself!

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