Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Missing in action is what I have been, because I have been very busy. Not preparing for the holidays because I do not engage in that sort of behavior. But changing the way I eat and eat more raw foods, not meat but fruit, vegetables, grains etc, I hope you get the picture. I have been also researching re mineralization of teeth because I noticed some white spots on my child's teeth. I even found another blog post on the subject of re mineralization of teeth at the Tooth Soap Blog. I went over to Uncle Harry's website and I bought a bunch of product to help with the re mineralization process such as tooth powder for children to brush their teeth , mouth wash, re mineralization powder and some natural deodorant. I have to be careful with the type of deodorant I use because I have gotten huge cysts under my arms from using the deodorants that you find at the drug store. However that is with the exception of Kiss My Face natural deodorant and Toms of Maine brands. The Kiss my Face Deodorant is great I love it, it really works for me I use the unscented kind. My complaint with Tom's of Maine deodorant in calendula is that it did not combat my body odor that well and that's not good! The Kiss My Face liquid rock deodorant has no parabens and it states on the bottle that it 'neutralizes natural body acids in perspiration and it works wonderfully for me. I was browsing on and I found this product and I tried it for 1.49. I really like shopping on they have such a huge variety of products and they have some awesome sales. Shopping online is so enjoyable for me. I can find my products fast and I don't have my kids begging for candy like when I go to Walgreens or CVS and that is a definite plus. The best part is that it is delivered for free with a 25 dollar or more purchase, so it does not cost me a dime to have it come to my door.

Believe me that I did not plan to write a whole post about deodorant and re mineralization of teeth but I did. Bear with me a moment because I did not yet tell you of my favorite purchase which is my Waterpik. I bought the Ultra model and I use the pulsating water jet to do the job of flossing for me. I have a real problem when brushing my 23 months old teeth. He is still nursing and he was in danger of getting bottle cavities so was looking for ways to give him better dental care. You would not believe what I go through to brush his teeth. I use a soft toothbrush, Toms of Maine silly strawberry toothpaste. However he screams bloody murder when I try to brush his teeth, forget about flossing his little teeth he is just not going to have it. Now I got the Waterpik dental irrigator so that I could clean below his gum line because I was not able to clean with the tooth floss, but if you do not know this dental irrigator comes with a load of attachments which include a very small orthodontic brush and also a round toothbrush. Anyway I was using the small irrigator tip to clean under his gum line and I find that my son loves this water shooting in his mouth, he starts to get excited every time I say its time to clean your teeth.

You see what I have been doing is: I put a small amount of toothpaste on his little tooth brush and I get my toothbrush and I start demonstrating to him how to brush his teeth. I have his older brother involved too. We are just brushing away for awhile and then after we are done I get the Waterpik out. My little one is not brushing that well but, because he likes the Waterpik so much my husband suggests that I use the toothbrush attachment to brush his teeth. My 23 month old loves it. He can not get enough of it and I am able to brush his teeth well! His teeth look great Meshallah, I am so excited that I am able to get his teeth clean. My only concern is what will my dentist think about it?

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