Monday, August 4, 2008

Thank You Dr. Richard Williams

The best advice I got from a college Professor was from my math Professor Dr. Richard Williams. he stated " that anything you want to do in life has probably been done before and someone has written a book about it." I quickly jotted down this tidbit of information and I have pondered over it for years. When I think back to that summer that I decided to take that class was a great experience for me. Dr. Williams cared about his students and he pushed us to excel in his class, he gave us handout on 'The Art of Listening," How to Get Along with the Opposite Sex," The Abc's of Planning," and "Making to Do Lists and Schedules." Throughout my college experience I found that I did not get the attention that I received in his class. Taking this class was a stepping stone for me I did not know that for every hour I was in class I needed to study for two. I was without a plan for my schedule and Dr. Williams gave me the tools and information to take my life to another level. I really appreciated that and being in his class was one of my life altering experiences.

Solutions to problems is something that we all search for on a daily basis. Dr. Williams gave us a formula that not only solved mathematical equations but everyday life problems as well. He gave us an equation to follow which is:

  • Problem ________________Fill in the Blank______________
  • Solution _________________________________________
  • Step One
  • a.
  • b.
  • c.
  • StepTwo
  • a.
  • b.
  • c.
Today I still have the math textbook that he wrote and I love Mathematics, which is something that I dreaded before I took his class. Since then whenever I wanted to try something new I went to the library and I read books on the subject I was interested in. I learned to paint, make jewelry, make books, sew, quilt, make mobiles, woodworking, welding, garden all through the use of reading a book by someone who had already done it before. When I could not afford the 300 plus dollars for my Anatomy and Physiology Text and Lab Book I went to the library every week and I found and studied the appropriate section of anatomy and physiology that my class was focusing on. I refused to give up just because I was without a required text. Determination and perseverance was a part of my personality but because of his class I learned to utilize it. I just wanted to say 'Thank You Dr. Williams for giving me some tools that I can use throughout my life."


Ellieboo said...

Dr Williams sounds like a pretty special teacher - just wish there were more like him and that my little girl is blessed with teachers that care when she hits school and beyond

Mona said...

Not many people appreciated him, he was perceived as arrogant and hard, I liked him and his class it taught me good lessons of discipline.