Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jewelry Supply Organizer

Lately I have been getting myself in gear by organizing the clutter in my home. I was looking online at different sites to find something to put all my beads wire and findings into. At the present I have my supplies in jewelry trays and in small plastic ziploc bags. It usually takes more than a few moments for me to find what I am looking for and I thought it would be best to find a more adequate storage solution. So I am going to buy a few of these Stack on 39 drawer organizers. You can find them here. The cost is just 18.99 and I will paint them or modge podge them with some cute fabric, wrapping paper or scrapbook paper. Yesterday I went to Lowes and they had an organizer similar to this one but it was about 15 dollars more and was a bit smaller. And this organizer is also available at Kmart for 13.00 but at the present they're out of stock. You can fine it here and they will notify you via email when they have them available again.

I had a great time shopping at Lowes where I bought a sample of this blue paint to experiment with painting my new desk area and I saw some contractors paper that I am going to buy. For those of you who don't know what that is , it is a very large roll of durable brown paper that you put down while you are painting. However I want to use it to plan out an 8 gore skirt that I want to make a pattern of. And I thought that I would make a paper pattern with the contractors paper and at the same time have paper that I could put under my kids while they paint on their easels.

You see I have 3 sewing machines that are a result of shopping at, and ebay. I bought a set of 3 portable sewing machines from shopgoodwill, because they were small and portable and I thought it would be a great idea to have a little sewing machine to take on trips. The other two that I bought on ebay were under 30 dollars each so I had to buy them because the price was so reasonable. If you would like to see a lady who seem to have organization in the bag so to speak check out Benita's blog, Chez Larsson. She is living in Sweden in a small house in a suburb just outside of Stockholm. When I have a chance I will put the other earrings I made up on the blog, goodbye and take care!

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Anonymous said...

well i love some of these jewelery designs. They look so awesome.