Sunday, August 31, 2008

Follow me on Style Hive

I have been on style hive for awhile and I wanted to let you know that only a portion of what I find is on my blog. So if you want to follow me on style hive you can by clicking on the follow me link on the sidebar. Style hive is one of the sources of my wonderful finds on my blog as well as :

  1. I use the internet as a treasure hunt, I follow links to links to links which leads me to find awesome items.
  2. Style Hive ( i know I already mentioned it)
  3. Etsy Pounce
  4. I read a bunch of blogs it takes me a couple of days to go through my blog list and I find great items on other peoples blog
  5. I search for things using goggle images. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

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