Monday, August 18, 2008

I blog everyday I just dont email everyday?!?!

This is one post that is just being made to clear up a few things. First of all I would like everyone who reads my blog everyday to know that for the most part since I started taking blogging more seriously I have tried to have a new post up each and everyday. You see I don't actually write a blog post everyday I just schedule my posts ahead of time so that when people come back to my blog there is something new up to share with all my Internet world buddies. I just had to put that out there because I need to get better at returning my emails and I want everyone to know that just because you see a blog post for that day it does not necessarily mean that I have been online that day. So please don't feel like you have been slighted that is not the case at all and once I fine out how I will put my email address on the sidebar.
( for anyone who wants to know)

I try my best to respond to everyones comments and I will respond at your blog (if you have one) or in the comments section on my blog where you left a comment.

Also my 100th post is coming up and what better way to mark that milestone than to have a GIVEAWAY!!!!! Yes I said it a giveaway. For now what I am giving away is a secret but i will reveal soon I promise. My 1000th visit is coming up too but I think I will wait until my 100,000 visit. Now that would be a milestone to mark!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Great work on nearly making it to 100 posts - that's a lot of work. Its a great idea to schedule ahead of time too.

I have e-mailed you some info on adding your e-mail address to your sidebar!

Mona said...

Oh thanks for the info, technical things are hard for me...most of the time.