Saturday, August 23, 2008

I have a problem

Today is the day that I have decided that I really need to start planning more and setting some realistic goals. I have found that I spend way too much time reading blogs and checking my Etsy store for sales. It is not in my nature to worry because frankly I have too much going on. I buckled down before and I learned how to knit in a couple of hours, I still have not picked up my crochet hook to start on a granny square for Hoppo Bumpo's granny-along. It is only one square I have the yarn, I have the hook and I have the time. What is wrong with you Mona?!?! (that is me yelling at myself) Which leads me to this question: What is exactly your problem? You have no plan when you wake up and you have abandoned your lists. I was once an avid list maker. I have a clipboard with several pens close by but I don't write on it anymore. However I am going to start, right now! You may be wondering what brought me to this realization. I was on Flickr and there is a group that I belong to called Pretty Organized and I saw a photo of an organized group of art supplies. I decided to investigate further into the Flickr member who posted the photo and she had a blog that I visited called Defining my Destiny and she had some wonderful quotes. I am going to share a few with you.

Ignorance is a voluntary tax!" - Unknown

"I can't have a crises next week, my schedule is already full." - Henry Kissinger

"You must act as if it is impossible to fail." - Ashanti Proverb

"This is nothing to me, difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week." - Jay-Z

And my favorite quote of all that she featured on her blog is this one below:

"Clutter is a sign that decisions need to be made."

When I read this quote I was like "Wow" It was definitely an Aha moment for me. I am going to have to find a way to curb the clutter in my home. This is not an easy task when you have 3 people in your home working against you everyday. When I clean my DH feels that I am hiding his things. However I work in my home and the atmosphere now is not conducive to my creativity or my well-being. It is a fact that I am internalizing my real feelings on the state of my home. My home is clean just not as organized as I want and need it to be. In my head it goes back to a quote of mines that I used and developed during my college years.

"Potential means nothing if you don't get off you butt and do something. "

You can have all the potential in the world but if you do not take any action to use your potential it is just a waste. I have a decision to be made and I won't let this clutter hold me back!


Authentic E. said...

I feel so honored!!!! Thank you! Clutter is one of those things that you really have to be conscious about. The crazy thing about it is that getting organized (which for me comes down to throwing away a lot of stuff) doesn't take long but I always put it off until I have a crisis. I think that clutter is a problem for most of us, especially us left brained/creative folks. So I'm right there with you!

Authentic E. said...

Hi! I'm back. Apartment Therapy has a great article called Small Space Solutions. You can check it out here:

Ellieboo said...

You took the words right out of my mouth - i think I am in exactly the same head space as you at the moment. I am a massive list writer but I spend more time making sure I have the perfect notebook and that the list is nicely written rather than doing stuff. Plus my place is full of clutter - F.U.L.L. and it is getting me down too. I need to do something asap. Dont worry about the granny square - I was exactly the same, I bought the hook, the yarn had one attempt and now it sits under said clutter - abandoned. Good luck with getting through your stuff!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Clutter is a sign that decisions need to be made has really stuck in my head all week. Its so true! Every mess that I look at has procastination written all over it. I must clean up the house!