Saturday, August 9, 2008

Intoducing HoneypieLiving

1. coming home to your shelter, 2. sucre accroche-coeur, 3. breathing red, 4. vanilla Day, 5. shadows and dust, 6. budding light, 7. nessun dorma, 8. enamored, 9. coffee with that?
The talented blogger at All Things Bright And Beautiful interviewed HoneypieLiving and you can find that interview here. Be sure to look at her photos on Flickr she is amazing you will not be disappointed she has a great eye for small detail.


Anonymous said...

What a smile You just put on my face!
I'm not a little bit moved..
Thank You for Your kind words!
Love / Hannah, honeypieLiving

Mona said...

You are welcome I love your Flickr images they are so beautiful.