Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dot Village Lampshade

I was looking for a cute inexpensive gift for my niece Brianna and I came across this cute lampshade at Urban Outfitter. I am not sure if this is her style but I want to buy it so bad. Have you ever just bought a gift for someone just because you wanted to go and visit it and see it being used by the person you bought it for. That is how I feel when I buy things for Brianna. I don't have a daughter and I tend to dote on her. Meticulous is a word that I use to describe how she keeps her bedroom, she takes care of her stuff as she calls it. When a child is responsible and they take care of their belongings I am not afraid to buy them something expensive because I know that they will take care of it. That is why I secretly give her things that I want, then when I go visit her I can come in her room and look at the eye candy all around her room


sparklygreenknickers said...

I quite often buy gifts for people because I want the gift for myself! I figure if I want it so badly, surely the person receiving it will feel the same?? That is such a lovely lampshade - I hope you got it for your niece :)

Mona said...

It should be on its way shortly, when I get a chance to visit her I will be sure to take a picture.

Alejo said...

Hehe, yeah, I think everybody does that sometimes!.
Thanks for the comment on my blog.

and by the way, that lamp = totally sweet!

Allyson Hill said...

My niece Brianna is the same exact way! She's very meticulous and loves to tidy her room. I made her an earring display (project seen on my blog) and it makes me smile to see it when I visit. I also made her one of those tulle canopy's for her bed and she still loves it. I loooove the lampshade, it's adorable!