Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Make Your Own Crossword Puzzle

When I was a little girl I loved traveling with my grandma. I was a very talkative child and I asked a lot of questions. I look back and I can remember the patience that my Nana had with me. I love doing puzzles and brain teasers and my grandmother would buy crossword puzzles to occupy me at times. I would get so excited as she pulled a wordsearch puzzle from her purse and inside her purse it smelled of strong peppermint and Doublemint gum. I would sit quietly in my seat and pour over those books with a peppermint in my mouth.

This is one of my most fond memories of my grandmother. You can make your own puzzles by following the link here. Wordsearch puzzles are wonderful aids to increase ones vocabulary and the site is easy to use so go and make a puzzle for the special child or children in your life. I even made a puzzle for my husband to give out to his customers that included many of the fragrances that he sells.


Jamie said...

What a beautiful memory. I can just imagine you sitting with your Grandma, sharing your stories, and her patiently listening. What treasured moments.

Mona said...

My grandmother was my BFF I miss her so much.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

My grandma used to give me peppermints too. She kept hers in a beautiful glass dish in her dining room. Its a nice memory.

I love the link to the wordsearch puzzles. That will be a lot of fun!