Friday, August 29, 2008

I got my first treasury on Etsy!!!!!!!!

I have always wanted a treasury on Etsy and today I was able to get one. It was quite a coincidence that a spot opened up soon after my boys fell asleep for the night.

The title of my treasury is Undiscovered Etsians and the link is here.

I wanted to post it on my blog but I failed miserable at achieving that. I hope the sellers get some sells from my treasury. And in case anyone is wondering, no I was not paid to feature them. I tried my best to get good photos and sadly I did not pick a few items because the pictures were not that good. Then I felt a bit guilty because as I looked in my shop I thought, "Wow I really need to retake my jewelry photos and try to complete a few projects because my store looks quite bare right now." I only have 11 items listed. When you know better you will do better and I have this link for new or experienced Etsy sellers who, like me want to do better click here.

I have never posted twice in one day. I just had to tell you about my treasury it will end on Monday. If you know how to put a Treasury snapshot on a blog please email me with the details at

Goodnight internet world, I am a bit sleepy and thirsty from playing with my boys today. Take care.

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Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

I found your etsy store today (because you had hearted one of my items), and from there found your blog. I just opened my etsy store this month - only have 2 things listed so far, and am basically new to this wonderful blog world as of this summer. I had never heard of etsy Treasuries, so I went to yours, and also saved that page of etsy business helps to my favorites so I can go back and read all that. Thanks for posting that info! I have saved your blog as a favorite too and will be be back regularly!