Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Strobist

Photography has been one of my passions. While I was in high school I carried a 35mm Vivitar camera around with me. I precise remember that the camera was black, it had a self timer on it and a sliding lens cover that I thought was so cool. The cost of that camera was not more than 25 dollars and I really loved that camera. I would take pictures over and over again until I dropped it and all the batteries fell out. The batteries door was broken and I taped it shut until I just gave up on that camera and bought another Vivitar camera with a self timer. Since then I have had every kind of camera imaginable digital and an Slr too. I still want a lomographic camera and I wonder if there is a digital lomographic camera.

It was my intent to write this post about a great blog called the Strobist. However you can just follow the link and visit there yourself. It has quickly became one of my favorite blogs. Visit it and tell him mslovesrain sent you.

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