Tuesday, July 22, 2008


1. clafoutis, 2. Le temps des cerises ou les aventures d'un clafoutis, 3. Tarte aux Quetsches, 4. puffed from the oven, 5. cherry clafoutis, 6. C h e s t n u t A p r i c o t C l a f o u t i s, 7. Red Currant and Cherry Clafoutis, 8. clafoutis close up, 9. Cherry Clafoutis, 10. cherry clafoutis, 11. "Clafoutis"... more like cherry cake. Still, it was tasty!, 12. Cherry Clafoutis, 13. clafoutis en cuisson, 14. Strawberry almonds clafoutis, 15. Cherry clafoutis, 16. Peach and cardamom clafoutis I, 17. Strawberry Clafoutis, 18. cherry clafoutis, 19. cherry clafoutis, 20. DSC_8427--Cherry Clafoutis, 21. Strawberry Clafoutis, 22. clafoutis au flamboise, 23. clafoutis aux framboises 2, 24. clafoutis, 25. Strawberry Clafoutis, 26. clafoutis, 27. Cherry and Almond Clafoutis, 28. Traditional Cherry Clafoutis, 29. Blackberry Clafoutis, 30. pear clafoutis, 31. Apricot & Caramelized Banana Clafoutis, 32. Apricot & Caramelized Banana Clafoutis 3, 33. Cherry Clafoutis, 34. Chocolate cherry clafoutis, 35. Quetsche Clafoutis - Plum Clafoutis, 36. clafoutis aux cerises

I went over to Posy Gets Cosy's blog and she had this amazing dessert that I just have to make. It looks awesome and yeah this is my first time hearing of this dessert but not my first time eating it. I know that sounds strange but my grandma called this dessert a tart. anyway I went on Flickr and I decided to find images of clafoutis and then I went to bighugelabs and made a mosaic. I just want to remember to make this and hopeful my family or friend will keep asking me if I made it yet and eventually I will.

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