Friday, July 25, 2008

Lost & Found

Today I have been a bit under the weather and I almost missed a day without blogging. I was very busy today looking for a receipt for my light bill. Apparently my last payment was not received. So basically I ransacked my house going through my purses, envelopes and boxes. I found the manual for my camera, a box of paper clips, new notebooks, pencils, lavender ricrac trim, my herbalist audio course and a Dvd titled Beyond the Davinci Code. I really cant complain, I spent my day looking for an receipt which I did not find, but i found a bunch of things I had forgotten about. Sometimes I feel like the Woman of 1000 Hobbies. ( You should really check out her website/blog, very interesting!) I just have some many interests that I get sidetracked and passionate about one thing after another. Is it possible that I could have an attention disorder. I wonder if it is too late to find out. Probably not. Anyway I managed to put all my books and magazines in one box and all my papers in another. I am planning to buy some white bookshelves and magazine files so that I can clear away some of the clutter in my home. I will share some pictures soon.

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