Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vandercook SP-15

I can remember using this. You see I went to a Vocational High School in Chicago. Charles Allen Prosser to be exact and I took wood shop, machine shop, body shop, typing and print shop. It was way fun and I learned many techniques and I would be thinking when I was in these classes where will I use this. I am glad I chose that school I was able to learn in many industrial fields. I remember attaching my plate and watching my letter pressed scratch pad come to life. It was fun. I can't remember my shop teacher though and I don't have my yearbook. I believe we called him Mr. P and my graphic arts teacher name was Mr. K. There where about 5 different printing presses that were in that shop. During that semester my hands were covered in ink, but I learned and I loved it. I wonder if they still have that print shop available at that school. (uploaded by The Arm on 25 Jan 08, 6.43PM CDT.)

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