Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hey Lucy

I just discovered a new blog by checking out Liquid Sky Art Link list. The name of the blog is Hey Lucy you can see that I added her blog to my blog love list. She takes two Old Navy shirts and she cuts up one to make appliques for the other tee. When I saw what she did it just brought back memories of how I would cut up and reinvent my clothes when I was a teenager. I would take a skirt and make shorts out of it and I made a vest out of an old house dress of my grandmother. Designs were all packed in my head and I would frantically sketch in notebooks. I look back and I think " wow I had a load of potential" I( am grateful that I can pursue my passion once again. And the T-shirt you see on the right is the shirt I will be tinkering with.


Katie said...

Hi...Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and leaving your lovely comment. Take care, Katie

Mona said...

You are quite welcome I will be back!