Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rainy Day Recollection

You might thing wow a blog about rain! No this blog isn't solely about rain, rather I am a girl who loves rain. What do I like about it? I love the sound of it, the smell of it, how it looks and I like rain gear. You know what I mean...wellies, rain hats rain coats umbrellas. I also love puddles. Yes!!!! Puddles. I like to splash in puddles. I have had some fond memories of rain in my life. I can remember standing at the front door of my Grandma Callie's house and watching the rain fall for a few seconds and her telling me to close the door before the floor got wet. I can remember opening the door and looking out of it after the rain had ended. It was a beautiful sight to see. The air was dewy and the grass was so green that I thought that at any moment the grass would exhale a sigh of relief and fullness. If I close my eyes sometimes I can see the vivid color of how rain washes the earth and purifies it. The view was so calming, I am going to try and paint the color of that day and share it with you.

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