Monday, July 28, 2008

Sweet love is in the air....and under your drink!

Yes, yes if you did not know these are wedding favors. Ask me if I care, I simply don't care a bit because these little gems remind me of MadeByGirl candy colored love posters that I am dying to buy once I decide to stop splurging on beads and fabric. It is a lot of fun for me to explore blogs on the internet. For me it is like taking a journey from one creative world to the next. Check out some of my links to the left you will be so inspired by the creative ladies who own those blogs.

Anyway back to the awesome love coasters, I was doing my blog rounds and I happened to come across the Hostess Blog and her blog led me to Ideal Favors. On my to do list is to order a few of these to place under my iced tea concoctions. You can find these at Ideal Favors.


Bonnie said...

These are WONDERFUL! What a pretty idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog--It's nice to know that someone might actually read it! I'm going to go check out your favorite blogs now--it's my hobby lately!

Rowena said...

I was checking out all of the cool stuff in the previous posts and I'm!

Thanks for stopping my opinion, southern Italy has thee best of italian cuisine. And they are a heck of a lot more interesting too!