Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ultimate Top

Isn't this a great top. It is called the Aisha. I am always looking for different style because I don't want to have the same shirt on as anybody else. I'm not a clothing snob, I just like variety and mixed up clothing that is like nothing like what everyone else is wearing. Here is the link to Fozaza

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nice-etc said...

oh wow this top made my day! how can this not make you smile? really fun and pretty! wanted to stop by to make sure you get my "hello"..thanks for your nice comment! it's really funny because all the things/colors just sorta came far I've only brought "bare essentials" to this apt (still a lot of stuff at my parents'..dunno how long that can last though), and so it was really funny how everything just ended up working so well together!

<3 caitlin