Monday, July 7, 2008

I have been looking for a table like this and I have found it at Walmart of all places. I am not much of a furniture snob but I like my furniture sturdy. This table will be used as a work table to pour fragrances into containers and for art and writing. Here is the site
Sorry for the long address but I have not mastered the linky thing that most bloggers do that say click here. I don't know what kind of barstools I will buy so for now I will just purchase the table and paint it the way Heather Bullard painted her urn you can view her antique painting technique here at this site . I just hope this table is not too flimsy I just might buy the 99 dollar Belfast table instead of the one pictured above which only cost 60 doll.ars. The table I really want is 300 dollar more but I don't want to make larger purchases until we move somewhere permanently.

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