Thursday, July 10, 2008

My favorite movie

"The Lake House" is my favorite movie. It is a remake of the Korean film Il Mare. I enjoy a good chick flick and "P.S. I Love You" almost knocked this movie off the top of the list. P.S. I love you just made me cry and it was not a cry of happiness but a sad cry. Don't get me wrong it is a great movie. Which leaves me to "Hancock", I loved it, it was unexpected. I thought I had the movie plot down but it threw me for a loop. There should be a sequel in my opinion. Which brings me to the rotten tomatoe factor. Why is it that every movie I like is a rotten tomatoe? I never listen to the critics because obviously if all the movies I like are often rotten tomatoes we can't have the same level of appreciation for a film. Did anyone see "Run Fat Boy Run" it was hilarious and a movie that I would watch over and over again. My next movie of choice that I want to see is "Brodeueses." Yeah I like foreign films as well even though the last one I saw was "Amelie." Does anyone else share my taste of films? If so leave a comment.


Katie said...

Hi Mona...Thanks for stopping by my blog...You might like the movie "Bread and Tulips"...An Italian (I think) family goes on a vacation together, and accidentally leave the wife/mother behind at one of the stops the tour bus makes...She's upset at first, but then decides to make the best of things...I loved this movie...Take care, Katie

Labour of Love said...

hi, mona! thank you so very much for visiting me and leaving such kind and sweet thoughts my way...i also love to find kindred + creative spirits and from your blog roll, we sure have some similiar loves...i actually love all of your mom+designer...i give you and all the other creative soules with families so much credit because, this is one of my problems, where i just don't seem to have enough time to create because of my responsibilities...some of the mom's in my kiddies' class kinda balk at my creative works in progress...saying that it's such a waste of time...bec. i may not be paying enough attention to my lil' ones (which is not the case at all!)'s such a hard balance to follow but i'm trying to ignore them and follow my dreams with my lil' ones in tow...i wish they could understand that sometimes when you have that burning desire to must yield to it...for so long it's been buried within me and i'm thinking all the energy i've stored up...well, it's going to explode one of these fine days...anyway...i adore the movies you've posted...lakehouse, p.s. i love you...totally cried like a bebe...i also adore "love actually", "bridget jones diary", "pride&prejudice", "tristan & isolde", "jerry mcguire"...i also love foreign films too...i'm dying to watch "amelie" and can't wait to get that in my hands...i also want to watch "the other boelyn girl"...have you seen Dylan McDermott + Jean Tripplehorn (sp?) in "'til there was you?" that was a sweetheart of a really dig Dylan about that movie with Minnie Driver and the guy from XFiles...David Duvochy or's about when David's wife dies in a car wreck, Minnie needs a new heart and the heart that was transplanted was David's wife and somehow by chance David and Minnie fall in love then he finds out that Minnie has his wife's's so beautiful...that's also filmed in Chicago! (For the life of me...can't remember the name of the film...) but i sure share your taste of films and wish some of my sisters or other mom's here would too...but again, they always complain that they don't have the time to sit and watch a movie let alone breathe...but you know's good to take care of ones' self because i read somewhere that you need to continue to grow and do things outside of the make it even a more happier one...that's what my blog is going to help me with...satisfy my craving to dream and to raise a happy+healthy family! again, thank you for stopping by and i look forward to seeing more of your world through your eyes here at your beautiful think you have the neatest 'bells&whistles'...ENJOY! sorry for the longest comment in the world...xo jo ;)

Mona said...

I loved your comment and soon I am going to talk about your blog and I don't get to create as much as I want too, but it is okay because my kids definitely come before my designing. And I am okay with that. My secret for not bugging out is to keep my composition book nearby as well as my red sketch book and a pen and pencil, I take it from there and I dabbled in my designs all day long, whether it is a sketch of a blouse, bag or just some doddles..:)