Monday, July 21, 2008

The Retro Bubble Umbrella

Aren't these umbrella's cute. I am always finding the cutest accessories, toys and gadgets, but I have a confession to make. I don't always share my finds because I don't want the item to be sold out by the time I decide I want to make my purchase. I love to shop and I am a shopaholic, now I just window shop more and I wait a day or two before making a purchase so that I can be sure that I really want and need the item I am trying to buy. Just look at these umbrellas they're so cute I would definitely buy the white clear one that is to the left of this post and get me some paint and make some crazy designs that I would hope that it would not wash away when it rains. The umbrellas can be found here for 18.00 at one of my favorite places to shop Urban Outfitters.


Anke said...

Hi Mona, thank you for leaving such sweet comments over on my blog and thank you for the top-buying offer, but I'm afraid it would be a huge hassle for you. (Buying, shipping etc. ...)
I absolutely love those umbrellas! They are so very Doris Day. :) You definitely need'll be fall soon!

Mona said...

It would not have been a huge hassle, there are a few things that I was going to order for myself and I was just going to add your top. Let me know if you change your mind, I am on a budget so I wont be ordering until the end of next month.

Anonymous said...

i know urbs has some cute shit sometimes, i found your blog when i googled "retro umbrellas" and am not some creepy black cloud out to ruin your favorite place to shop. but seriously, you should try to find real vintage and help real people with your blog, not shady corporations who enjoy preying on people (and you too, with their insane mark-ups... trust me, i worked there for a while)

just think about it the next time you're paying $28 for a single screen t-shirt, or $18 for an umbrella you could get in chinatown for $4